Imbler was platted on Feb. 2, 1891, by Jesse Imbler, who gave the city a portion of his farmland. The city was designed with a wide Main Street to accommodate market transport to the Union Pacific Railroad depot along the east side of the plat. Imbler’s agrarian economy clustered around the rail line. In year’s past, the community included a flour mill, grain elevators, fruit packing sheds, farms and orchards, as well asĀ  a mill and box factory.

The orchards that once surroundedĀ Imbler have been replaced with grass seed crops, producing high quality grass marketed worldwide and giving the little town the nickname of “The Grass Seed Capital of the World.” Today, Imbler is home to several businesses, including a market where shoppers can purchase world- famous pepperoni by the foot or by the yard.


Contact Information:
City of Imbler
Nan Bigej- City Recorder
180 Ruckman Street
Imbler, OR 97841