Initially known as “Forest Cove,” Cove is a jewel nestled at the base of 7,132-foot Mt. Fanny, which rises majestically just beyond residents’ back doors. The heavily- forested mountain is a spectacular setting for this hillside community, green in summer, gold with flaming tamaracks in fall and snow covered in winter.

Cove is home to hot springs swimming pool and two church camps that provide rustic or full amenity facilities for gatherings of up to two hundred people, as well as all the community essentials. Known for its cherry orchards and pastoral setting, Cove is a quiet residential community, perfect for those seeking a small town lifestyle. Since the early 1980s, the City of Cove has operated and sold electricity generated from its hydro- electric cogeneration plant.

Contact information:

City of Cove
504 Alder Street
PO Box 31
Cove, OR 97824