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Union County Overview

The Grande Ronde Valley lies at the central core of Union County, and is the largest and most populated region. It is an oval shaped fertile plain some 35 miles long and 15 miles wide.

La Grande

A recent front page article in the San Jose Mercury-News described the City of La Grande in the following way: “If Eastern Oregon was a separate state, La Grande, a handsome city of 13,000 that lies on the edge of the lush Grande Ronde Valley 250 miles east of Portland, would be its natural capital.” La Grande is the County Seat of Union County and is the area’s largest city.


Elgin, the county’s northernmost city, sits tucked against the Wallowa Mountains in the northeast corner of Oregon. Located on the banks of the Grande Ronde River, the community is surrounded by rugged splendor.

North Powder

The community of North Powder was incorporated in 1902. By that time there were twelve businesses, three churches, a local school and a newspaper called the Powder Valley Echo.


Today Union is a community with a rich historic past and beautiful heritage. The downtown core presents ample evidence of a wealthy past exemplified by elegant Victorian homes that grace the tree-lined city streets.


Cove, initially known as “Forest Cove”, is a jewel nestled at the base of 7,132 foot Mount Fanny. Though small in population, Cove is rich in history and beauty.


Imbler, twelve miles north of La Grande, is known as the “grass seed capital of the world.” The high quality and large production of grass seed grown here makes worldwide marketing possible.

Island City

The Grande Ronde River once flowed around this community, creating an island some eight miles in length by one to one-and-one-half miles wide.