Programs/ Resources

UCEDC provides coordination to several important economic development programs and activities in Union County.  Each of these actions depends on the collaboration of the public and private sectors and the dedicated service of volunteers to be successfully implemented.


Union County recognizes the importance of retaining and expanding existing business.  It is recognized that business retention and expansion represents the greatest share of new investment and job growth in the local economy.


Development of a well thought out business recruitment strategy targeted to build on the County’s assets and to attract industry that furthers the economic development goals of the community is essential to assure the efficient and wise investment of limited recruitment resources.


To further the economic development goals of the County requires the availability of “shovel-ready” properties.  UCEDC, in partnership with Union County and the City of La Grande,  has worked to acquire and improve a variety of  “shovel-ready” properties.  UCEDC, in partnership Union County and the City of La Grande, has worked to acquire and improve a variety of “shovel-ready” properties. The acquisition and improvement of properties zoned for manufacturing and industrial uses is a primary mission of UCEDC.


To foster a healthy and growing economy in Union County, UCEDC partners with a range of economic development services and resources offered by both the public and private sectors.

For more information on these programs and services, please contact UCEDC