Public Schools

Union County Public School Enrollment 2011-2012
District K-5 6-8 9-12 Total
Cove SD15 93 57 100 250
Elgin SD23 172 75 129 376
Imbler SD11 130 87 108 325
La Grande SD1 1,046 474 638 2,158
North Powder SD8J 127 75 67 269
Union SD5 155 99 119 373
      Total 1,723 867 1,161 3,751
Source:  Oregon Department of Education

There are six public school districts in Union County. Each of the districts is unique in terms of size and quality. The districts offer access to class sizes smaller than found in urban communities. Enrollment in the districts, as reported for 2011-2012 school year, totaled 3,751. Enrollment county-wide has remained relatively stable over the past three years. Each of the districts graduation rate, as measured by the four-year cohort graduation rate, exceeds the average for the State of Oregon.

School District Enrollment by Gender and Grade 2011-2012 (PDF)

School District Enrollment 2009-2011 (PDF)

School District Drop-out Rate and Four-year cohort Graduation Rate for 2010-2011 (PDF)

The No Child Left Behind federal act and program requires every district to test and measure student growth and achievement on an annual basis.  Each school is measured for its Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) and reported as to whether or not the district has achieved adequate progress.  The school districts in Union County have met the standard progress thresholds with but a few exceptions over the past four years.

Adequate Yearly Designation – Union County School Districts (PDF)

You can find out more about each of the six districts via their websites.  The staff at each of the districts is ready to answer your questions and assist you in learning more about the learning environment in Union County.

Post-Secondary Education

Eastern Oregon University, located in La Grande, is the only four-year, liberal arts institution in Oregon east of the Cascade Mountains.  Established in 1929 as a teachers college, EOU now offers a wide range of degree programs both at the bachelors as well as the master’s degree level.

EOU offers 24 undergraduate majors leading to a bachelor’s degree with over forty minors.  Additionally, EOU partners with the Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) to offer a nursing degree program and with Oregon State University to offer agriculture and range management degree programs.  EOU Department of Education has two master’s degree programs and the Business Department offers a MBA degree program.

EOU has nine majors and nineteen minors that can be completed entirely on-line.  Over one-half of EOU’s on campus students utilize the on-line offerings to complete their degree programs.  EOU has 16 Regional Centers covering all of Oregon to assist students and prospective students in accessing both the on-campus and on-line educational resources of EOU.

Learn more about EOU.

Oregon Dental Service College of Dental Sciences is located in La Grande and offers both an Associate of Arts as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science.  The program is a collaboration of Oregon Dental Service and Service Institute of Technology and Eastern Oregon University.  The program provides the education required for a career in dental hygiene.  Learn more about this program at

Blue Mountain Community College is located in Pendleton, Oregon a forty-five minute drive from La Grande on I-84.  BMCC offers a range of programs including:

professional technical certificates and degrees; college transfer degrees;  college preparatory & adult basic skills training; workforce development programs; continuing education; and community education.  Information on BMCC programs can be found at