Local Land Use Regulation & Permits

Local land use regulation is Oregon was reshaped by the Senate Bill 100 passed in 1973. The legislation created the Land Conservation and Development Commission [LCDC] and the Department of Land Conservation and Development [DLCD] to oversee local development and implementation of comprehensive land use plans based on statewide goals and policies identified by the LCDC. Under the State’s land use regulatory system, local comprehensive land use plans are reviewed by the LCDC and acknowledged to be in compliance with the statewide goals and policies. The intent of the state legislation and subsequent administrative procedures is to protect valuable resource lands (farm and forest), protect environmental quality, and assure each community has sufficient buildable land within their urban growth boundaries to meet the expected growth and development over a period of twenty years. Land use development in Oregon does not require a separate environmental review or impact assessment.

Union County and each of the cities in Union County have acknowledged comprehensive land use plans that are periodically reviewed and updated. Each jurisdiction oversees its plan implementation.

To obtain information on a jurisdiction’s comprehensive plan, development ordinances and processes, please contact the following:

Union County Planning Department

City of Cove

City of Elgin

City of Imbler

City of Island City

City of La Grande Planning Department

City of North Powder

City of Summerville

City of Union

Local Building Permits

The City of La Grande/Union County Building Permits office oversees all building permits and inspections in Union County. The consolidated office provides a most efficient implementation of building and construction codes in Union County.

2012 City of La Grande/Union County Building Permit Fee Schedule

For more information on the La Grande/Union County building permits program, please contact:

City of La Grande Building Division