Doing Business Here

OREGON is a very competitive state for business expansion and re-location and Union County is a very competitive place to be in the State of Oregon.

From the Oregon Business Development Department an example of the annual cost of running a small business in Oregon:

  • Oregon manufacturing firm with 20 employees looking to relocate
  • $2 million in real property
  • $6 million in equipment
  • Sells 50% of its product in-state; 50% out-of-state
  • $7.5 million in annual sales resulting in $25,000 taxable income
  • Consumes 120,000 kWh electricity per month; 7,800 kcf natural gas per year
20-Employee Firm Oregon California Washington
Energy costs $149,760 $194,820 $140,016
Employee gross payroll $903,900 $879,680 $1,007,720
Social insurance $27,669 $29,142 $33,399
Corporate income/other taxes* $2,000 $1,658 $36,300
Annual property tax $125,600 $85,600 $72,000
Annual tax on current purchases $0 $33,975 $32,438
Tax on capital purchases $0 $543,600 $1,305
Total operating costs, initial capital taxes $1,208,929 $1,768,474 $1,323,177
Difference from Oregon + $559,545 + $114,248
*”Other taxes” includes any relevant business taxes that states would apply to the business used in the example.   This analysis is for illustrative purposes and not tax advice, actual results may vary. Contact a tax professional with any tax-related questions you may have.

Union County offers advantages in electrical rates, labor costs, and property tax assessment that make the community an attractive location.  Additionally, Union County offers access to utilities such as municipal water and wastewater systems that do not assess system development charges; natural gas; exceptional fiber resources; Interstate 84 that links Union County with anywhere in North America; and direct service by Union Pacific Railroad.  You can do business with the world from Union County.

We may be located in Northeast Oregon but we see ourselves as being the heart of the Northwest.  Check out the cost of doing business in Union County.