Municipal Water/Wastewater

City of La Grande

City of La Grande Water/Wastewater System Capacity



Maximum Daily Production



Peak Daily Demand



Average Daily Demand



Excess Daily Capacity



The municipal water and wastewater systems of the City of La Grande have system capacity to meet the needs of development.  The water system has an estimated average daily excess capacity of four million gallons and the wastewater system nearly two million gallons. At present, there are no system development charges related to water and wastewater in the City of La Grande.The current City of La Grande Water Rates and Charges can be found here.

To learn more about the City’s water and wastewater systems or if you have questions, contact:City of La GrandePublic Works Department


City of Island City

City of Island City Water System
Maximum Daily Production 2.88 mgd
Peak Daily Demand 0.8181 mgd
Average Daily Demand 0.2727 mgd
Excess Daily Capacity 2.062 mgd
City of Island City Sewer Discharge
Maximum Daily Discharge 233,000 gpd
Peak Daily Discharge 300,000 gpd
Average Daily Discharge 200,000 gpd

The City of Island City water system is supplied by city wells.  The City’s sewer system ties into the La Grande sewer system and discharges to the La Grande sewage treatment plant.  The City water system has ample excess daily capacity to meet the needs to future economic development.

To learn more about the City’s water and wastewater systems or if you have questions, contact 541.963.5017


City of Union


City of Union Water System Capacity
Maximum Daily Production


Peak Daily Demand

1.0 mgd

Average Daily Demand


Excess Daily Capacity


The municipal water and wastewater systems in the City of Union have excess capacity to meet the needs of development.  The water system has an estimated daily excess capacity of 750,000 gallons and the wastewater system is reported to be operating at thirty percent capacity.

In the City of Union, the monthly rates for water and wastewater are as follows:


Water/Wastewater Rates – City of Union
1 Inch meter is $38.76 per month for first 2000 cu.ft.
2 Inch meter is $77.52 per month for the first 4,000 cu.ft.
Sewer is $37.71 per month, depending on type of industrial waste


To learn more about the City’s water and wastewater systems or if you have questions, contact:

City of Union




Electrical Service

Union County is served by the Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative.

Cost of electrical service for industrial users is based on load and infrastructure capacity needs.  Commercial electrical service rates are:

Electrical Service – Oregon Trail Electric  Cooperative
Commercial 1 Non-residential service requiring 50 KVA or less of transformer capacity
Monthly consumer charge $28.00
Energy charge $0.06955/kWh
Power Cost Adjustment Credit $0.00255
Commercial 2 Non-residential service requiring more than 50 KVA and less than 1,000 of transformer services
Monthly consumer charge $40.00
Demand Charge $4.25
Energy Charge $0.04708/kWh
Power Cost Adjustment Credit $0.00255

Contact OTEC to discuss your power needs:

Baker City Office [Headquarters]
4005 23rd St.
Baker City, OR 97814

La Grande Office
2408 Cove Avenue
La Grande, OR 97850


Green Power:

The State of Oregon has enacted legislation creating a Renewable Portfolio Standard [RPS] requiring utilities to supply a portion of retail electricity from renewable energy sources.  By 2015, 25% of energy sold by large utilities must be renewable energy; 10% for smaller utilities; and, 5% for the smallest utilities.  Information on Oregon’s renewable power initiative can be obtained from the Oregon Department of Energy [ODOE].


Natural Gas

Avista Utilities:    provides natural gas service to all cities in Union County and

10201 S. F Street surrounding areas

Island City, OR 97850.

Commercial and Industrial Account Executive

541.858.4776 ext. 67


Rate Schedule




Union County is served by several POINTS OF PRESENCE (POPS) providing access to broadband services not available to most rural communities.

Level 3 Communications– Foothill Road

AT&T– Airport

ZAYO Group– (formerly 360 Communications)-Airport


Fiber Access Providers

Frontier Communications

LS Networks
921 Washington St. Suite 370
Portland, OR 97205

PriorityOne Telecommunications
808 Adams Ave.
La Grande, OR 97850

ZAYO Group
400 Centennial Pkwy   Suite 200
Louiseville, CO 80027

Internet Service Providers

Telephone Service Providers

Land Line Service


Cable Television

Charter Communications

DIRECTV and Dish Network are available.


Waste Management

City Garbage Service : Solid waste disposal & recycling

3412 Hwy 30
La Grande, OR 97850


Union Sanitation (City of Union) :  Solid waste disposal & recycling
861 S. Gale
Union, OR 97883


Wurdinger Recycling : Metal recycling
10300 N. MacAllister
La Grande, OR