The mission of the Union County Economic Development Corporation (UCEDC) brings together the leadership, resources and knowledge necessary to identify needed change and then engages others in partnerships capable of achieving our shared goals and vision.


The Union County Economic Development Corporation is a 501 (c)(6) non profit organization focused on the economic well-being of Union County and the incorporated cities in the county.


As a MEMBERSHIP organization, UCEDC seeks to engage business people from all sectors of the local economy, elected officials within the County, professionals, agencies, and organizations focused on economic and community development and the general public in working to enhance the County’s economy though active programs directed at business retention and expansion, entrepreneurial development and business attraction.  UCEDC recognizes Union County can only succeed in maintaining a strong, diverse and growing economy through vigilance, investment by volunteers, innovation and teamwork.


The UCEDC leadership begins with its BOARD of DIRECTORS.  The Board has twelve members representing the diversity of Union County’s economy and communities.  Four board members are elected by the UCEDC membership; four are appointed by the Union County Board of Commissioners; and four are appointed by the City of La Grande City Council.  The terms are staggered to provide for three terms being open each year.

The Board of Directors delegates its workload among a number of standing committees. Executive, Finance, Membership, Property and Communications and Marketing Committee. Each board member participates on at least two committees.  Non- board members of UCEDC are encouraged to volunteer their time and talent to the UCEDC committees.  At present the Communications and Marketing Committee has two task force groups engaged in business retention and expansion and in business recruitment.


The UCEDC STAFF provides technical assistance to the Board and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Corporation.