Union County, situated in Northeast Oregon, is framed by the Blue Mountains and the Wallowa Mountains, and defined by the Grande Ronde Valley. The County offers scenic vistas, exceptional recreational resources, four distinct seasons, a rich history, cultural resources, and urban amenities not found in many rural settings.

“If Eastern Oregon was a separate state, La Grande …would be its natural capital.”

      – San Jose Mercury News

Connected to the world by I-84, the Union Pacific Railroad, and exceptional fiber resources, Union County possesses excellent access to global markets at competitive rates.

The La Grande/Union County Airport provides general aviation connection to all airports in the Pacific Northwest.  While Union County is not adjacent to a major commercial airport, it just hours away.


Getting There From Here

Destination Hwy. Miles Est. Time (hrs.)
Seattle 333 5.25
Spokane 250 4.00
Pasco (Tri-Cities 120 2.00
Portland 261 4.25
Bend 292 5.25
Boise 175 2.75
Lewiston 186 3.50
Reno 540 9.00
Salt Lake City 507 7.50
Redding 568 10.25

Air Miles From LaGrande/Union County Airport

City Miles Kilometers
Boise, ID 150 242
Lewiston,ID 91 146
Pendleton, OR 43 69
Portland,OR 222 258
Seattle, WA 258 415
Spokane, WA 165 266
Tri-Cities (Pasco), WA 81 131
Walla Walla, WA 53 85
(Straight line distances)
Within Union County are eight communities offering differing lifestyle opportunities and all within a 20 minute drive of La Grande and I-84.


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Union County —  Urban Amenities in a Rural Setting.