Union County labor force participationUnion County’s 2011 population estimate is 25,980. For 2011, the County’s labor force participation was 48.6%.

The Oregon Employment Department issues a monthly report on Current Labor Force and Industry Employment in Union County which can be accessed here:

Current Labor Force and Industry Employment- Union County

Union County Labor Force and Industry Employment 2012

UNION COUNTY UNEMPLOYMENT OREGON EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT - SEASONALLY ADJUSTEDEmployment and unemployment in Union County mirror the state of the larger economy. Employment declined in the early 2000s reaching a low point in 2005. It rose sharply in the subsequent two years only to be blunted by the recession of 2008-2009.

Public sector employment has witnessed a sharp decline since 2002 with local government employment showing a decline of 22% (290 jobs) over this period of time. Federal and state employment in Union County in 2011 mirrors that of 2002.







Labor Force Status 2001-2011 Oregon Employment Department


Unemployment rates for Union County over the past decade show a tendency to be about the same as the state as a whole and, on average, about 11⁄2 to 2 percent higher than the rate for the country. Labor Force Status








Union County Distribution of Jobs by IndustryWithin the private sector, firms in the Trades (primarily retail) and Leisure & Hospitality employ 36% of covered, private employment. Education & Health Services (primarily health services) employ 20% of private, covered employment with Manufacturing accounting for nearly 18% of the employment.

Distribution of Jobs by Industry


Within the Manufacturing sector, wood products manufacturing accounts for nearly 7% of the private, covered employment in Union County and transportation equipment manufacturing (RV manufacturing) for nearly 6% of the private, covered employment.





Union County Covered Employment Selected IndustriesUnion County’s economy can be described as structurally stable. While total covered nonfarm employment in 2011 was down 440 jobs compared to 2001, private sector covered employment remains consistent in terms of its share of total employment (2001 constituted 72% of the total covered employment and 2011 73.5% of the total). Across the industry spectrum, the only significant changes in share of private sector employment, over this time period, occurred in Manufacturing (down 3%) and Health & social services which increased 4% in share of total private employment.

Union County Annual Average Nonfarm Employment 2001

Union County Annual Average Nonfarm Employment

Public sector employment has witnessed a sharp decline since 2002 with local government employment showing a decline of 22% (290 jobs) over this period of time. Federal and state employment in Union County in 2011 mirrors that of 2002. In 2001, Local government constituted 48% of public employment in Union County whereas, by 2011, the share had fallen to 42%. State employment increased its share of relative employment in the public sector rising from 43.5% in 2001 to 49% in 2011. Local government employment (cities, counties, school districts) has 290 fewer covered jobs in 2011.

Union County Annual Average Nonfarm Employment 2001-2011


Union County Occupational Employment Projections 2010-2020 New JobsThe latest employment projections for Union County predict the occupations with the largest gain of new jobs in the economy will be seen in the service occupation category. This category includes public safety personnel, food preparation and related service providers, building and grounds maintenance, personal care specialists and child care. Professional occupations include IT, architects, engineers, life-physical-social scientists, religion, law, education, arts, and media jobs.

Occupations leading the way in terms of projected percentage growth of jobs are Production (18%), Health care (17.6%) and Farm, fishing, and forestry (17%). In terms of the number of jobs created, the leading occupations are Services, Office & administrative support, Health care, and Production.

In terms of greatest percentage gains within an industry, Construction is projected to increase 21%, Professional and business services 19%, Manufacturing 21%, and Health Services 17%. Leaders with projected job growth are Education & health services (440), Manufacturing (310), Wholesale & retail trade (240) and Leisure & hospitality (200).

In the government sector, employment is projected to be a nominal 4% gain with state government (8%) and local government (5%) showing gains and federal employment in Union County projected to decline by 6%.

Region 13 Industry Employment Forecast

Occupational Employment Projections

The full table detailing projected employment growth 2010-2020 for Union County can be found here:

Employment Projections by Industry and Occupation 2010-2020 Region 13

Comprehensive data and information on Oregon and Union County employment can be found at the State of Oregon Employment Department website.

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