Business & Industry

Distribution of Businesses by Industry- Private SectorPrivate sector businesses covered by Oregon employment laws are fairly well distributed among the industries in Union County. Covered Employment & Wages Summary Report 2011 Union County OLMIS

Trade, transportation, & utilities (primarily retail trade) constitutes nearly 25% of the covered businesses in the county. Health services (20%), Manufacturing (18%), and Leisure & hospitality (12%) are the other significant industries in terms of number of firms. Distribution of BusinessPrivateSector

In the public sector, in 2011, local government accounted for 42 units covered by Oregon employment laws. Union County, and the City of La Grande specifically, serves as a hub for a number of state and federal agency and program offices serving the region. Federal offices numbered 19 and State offices 20 in 2011. The U.S. Forest Service, Oregon Department of Transportation, and Eastern Oregon University are the larger public entities located in Union County. Distribution of Businesses by Industry 2011

Distribution of Businesses by Employment (%)Nearly sixty percent of the business units in Union County employ less than five employees. Firms with fewer than ten employees constitute 28% of the County’s covered employment. Firms with at least 10 and fewer than 50 employees employ 38% of the covered workers. The balance (about 34%) is employed by firms with fifty or more employees. Distribution of Firms by Size of Employment

Largest Employers. The largest employers in Union County are:

  • Boise Cascade
  • City of La Grande
  • Eastern Oregon University
  • Federal Government
  • Grande Ronde Hospital
  • Northwood Industries
  • State of Oregon
  • Union County
  • Union County School Districts
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Wal-Mart